Bedrijfsbeheer Eng - Nl

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  • 1-3 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • Centrum voor Afstandsonderwijs
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The exam Bedrijfsbeheer in Belgium can only be taken in Dutch, French and German. But if you are still learning Dutch, that should not stop you from taking the first step towards starting your own business. That’s what drove us to develop this unique course! You can study in English to make sure you process all the content while you’ll also have the Dutch translation throughout the course, which will help you to successfully pass the exam in Dutch and start your own business! Subscribe now!

The selected course topics are based on the official examination in Brussels. You’ll have the opportunity to fully understand the content in English – your strongest language – and to improve your Dutch at the same time! This way you’ll have the highest chance to pass the exam in Dutch and get your official Business Management (Bedrijfsbeheer) license. We offer this course in 10 different languages, always accompanied with the Dutch translation.

We also offer a unique, additional service for foreign students. If you take one of our Bedrijfsbeheer bilingual courses (Language of your choice – Dutch), you can choose to have personal guidance not only in Dutch but also in your native language. For more info, contact our offices.

Bedrijfsbeheer Eng - Nl
  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 1-3 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • 159.00 127.20
cpProgram Bedrijfsbeheer Eng - Nl
Bedrijfsbeheer Engels - Nederlands online course
  • How do I start a secondary activity and a main activity
  • Accounting basics (single and double)
  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • Filling in the log of sales and purchase
  • Keeping financial journals
  • Making an inventory and creating a business plan
  • Keeping a balance sheet
  • Commercial policy and marketing
  • Trade Law and Corporate Law
  • The social status of the independent entrepreneur
  • Calculating taxes
  • Understanding your accountant
Study course Bedrijfsbeheer Engels - Nederlands
  • Request your own company number and launching your own business
  • Create a professional business plan
  • Create a balance sheet
  • Calculate taxes
  • Speaking the accounting lingo and get a thorough view on your own accounting
Bedrijfsbeheer Engels - Nederlands study course
  • Become a self-employed person as a main activity
  • Become a self-employed person as a secondary activity
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You can start immediately with your training! A digital version of your course is available on your profile page as soon as you are registered. The paper version will be sent to you immediately, so you can expect your course package at home after a couple of days. Thanks to the flexible system of home study, you study where and when you want. You receive one year of guidance from a teacher with years of experience in the field. Take your exam at one of our locations when you are ready. If you pass, you will receive the certificate ‘Bedrijfsbeheer’ and you’ll be ready to take the official exam in Brussels.


At our school, you pay the lowest tuition fee! For only 159.00 euro, you receive a detailed textbook, one year of professional guidance from an experienced teacher who is passionate about his area of expertise, lifelong access to the online student platform and the possibility to take a free exam at one of our exam locations within a period of five years! This exam will be a fantastic preparation for the official examination in Brussels. In other words: we do everything we can to ensure a smooth start of your career!

Bedrijfsbeheer Eng - Nl
  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 1-3 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • 159.00 127.20

cpStartNewCarreer Bedrijfsbeheer Eng - Nl. cpChooseQualityEducationWith Centrum voor Afstandsonderwijs.

cpGoodToKnowAboutCourse Bedrijfsbeheer Eng - Nl

Het Centrum Voor Afstandsonderwijs is de belangrijkste opleidingsverstrekker van opleidingen in afstandsonderwijs in Vlaanderen. Door de jarenlange ervaring heeft de school een groot en gebalanceerd opleidingsaanbod uitgebouwd met relevante opleidingen voor de arbeidsmarkt. Kiezen voor het Centrum Voor Afstandsonderwijs is kiezen voor flexibel studeren waarbij je toch persoonlijk begeleid wordt door gemotiveerde en professionele docenten.





Ik heb toch wel hard gestudeerd maar dankzij de hulp van de docent en de uitleg die ik ook in het Engels kon bekijken, heb ik het attest nu!


Om een eigen zaak te starten had ik het attest Bedrijfsbeheer nodig. Ik heb de thuisstudie gedaan omdat ik de flexibiliteit wel nodig had. De Engelse vertaling is wel van pas gekomen want sommige woorden in het Nederlands begreep ik echt niet.